Welcome to Lilliesgirl!

With Maryjane (1024x768)Hi, and welcome to Lilliesgirl!  I am truly honored that you’re here.

My name is Terry, and I’m the Mom of three beautiful teen girls, the wife of a sweet and witty man, and a busy Marketer-turned-Real Estate Agent who loves to write. I got here as the result of lots of encouragement from others over a long period of time – not to blog necessarily, but by way of sharing that they appreciated my recipes, tips, crafting and party help, and asking for more.  Writing is my respite from all the craziness of life, so I’m blessed to have you visit and honored to have your readership.

Lilliesgirl features

  • Awesome, uncomplicated, and healthy recipes
  • Sanity Savers – ideas to make everyday life more manageable
  • Hospitality, decor, crafting ideas that are high on impact, easy on the budget
  • Any valuable resources I find that are share-worthy

I originally intended to post at least a couple of times weekly, but reality has curtailed those plans and I’m regrettably not as consistent as I’d hoped.  I do hope you’ll visit often to see what’s new and share your feedback and ideas that have helped you manage life. I and other readers would love to hear from you!

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