A Little History

So, a little insight into why a non-blogger ended up here.

I spent my 20-somethings living a single professional life.  I had not learned domestic skills…at all.  I didn’t even do well in Home Ec class in High School.  I also had not spent any significant time around children…at all – only babysat twice!  I met my wonderful hubby when I was 29 and married at 32, four months after losing my sweet Mom who was an awesome cook, a decorating and gardening guru, and who made valiant efforts at getting me to care about such things growing up.  My Grandmother Lillie followed her shortly thereafter.  I had twins at 34, plus one more at 37. We lived in a new state, in a new house, and had very few friends who weren’t in the same boat.  Talk about a fish out of water!  Life changes swept over me in quick waves that left my head swimming. It was a very frustrating and lonely place to be for a while.

Thankfully, many wonderful women from a church we were attending encouraged me, taught me, loved me and just did life with me over the ensuing years.  I learned a lot and have developed a passion for cooking, finding creative ways to personalize my home and  finding new ways to make life more manageable. Great food, entertaining, tasteful crafts and decor and fun activities for kids – none of them have to be complicated or pricey – who knew?!

Now, I have a heart for passing on those lessons learned and new discoveries to others who might be walking the path I once walked. Life is a journey, no matter the season, and it’s always better to travel alongside others. I’m glad to have you along for the ride!

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