For The Love Of Monogramming (or Ginger Revisited)

I did it again.  I dropped by Anne’s shop for a “quick visit” and came out two hours later. I’m hopeless.  You may remember Everything’s Better Monogrammed from an earlier post (if you are inspired by good animal stories with happy endings, visit my An Amazing Dog Tale post).  It’s not just a shop, it’s a pretty place with special people where you just want to “set and chat awhile,” as we say in NC.  It’s got to be extra special for me want to write a post about it!

IMG_20160726_121613I am a down right addict to pretty things and sweet people.  For pretty things, it really doesn’t matter what they are, but I’m especially partial to rustic, “down home” and colorful.  Anne is a kind, wonderful lady who has bravely embarked on the retail scene after thirty years of running a home-based business.  So, fortunately (or unfortunately, if you’re my husband and accountant), my friend Anne’s shop covers all of the basic requirements for scratching my retail therapy itch.


Now, although the monogramming craze is nice and all, it’s not a necessity for me like it is for many women (#my daughters :)).  I won’t name any names, but someone I know monograms everything attached to her life – everything right down to her tiny little earbuds carries the lovely scripted emblem that proudly proclaims her ownership. Anne’s array of very tasteful accoutrements  are sufficient for me just as they are.  But for people like She whose name I’m not naming, Anne is a veritable Glenda the Good Witch of Monogram Oz.

There are lots of “monogram shops”, all that will affix monogram letters on a range of items from blankets to beach bags.  Anne is different.  Yes, she will monogram just about anything under the sun – but she also will work with clients to design monograms to incorporate custom logos and other unique features that go far beyond simply a set of initials.   Even those cool wall monograms the college girls love have unique designs created custom just for Anne’s shop.

And speaking of college girls…

Where else can you create a “frocket” tee with authentic Lilly fabric or “create your own” college ware/wear with team colors on practically anything?

And Ginger?  Ginger the store mascot and heroine of An Amazing Dog Tale is doing quite well.  Recovered as she is from her harrowing owl/fox ordeal, Ginger is enjoying playing with the kiddos who visit the store, occasionally visiting with diners at the outdoor cafe next door and sleeping peacefully in Anne’s dutiful lap.IMG_20160726_214748
If you’re local to the Raleigh area and are looking for a fun and unique retail experience (and love super cute tiny creatures) visit Everything’s Better Monogrammed  for a whole lot more than just your standard set of initials. Ginger is eager to meet you!

Anne helps people nationwide, too, so don’t be discouraged by distance. Check out from wherever you are!

And everyone, thank you for visiting!

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