Gardening Success!

Okay, first off the tomato pictured at the top of this post is NOT mine.  As awesome as that big juicy tomato is, the result of my hard work and gardening prowess is far more impressive.

As you may remember, I love tomatoes and use them in many ways.  I grow them (or try to) each summer along with several Jalapeno plants in order to save money on our staple Salsa and because it’s just so much better than using canned tomatoes.  This year, I put in extra effort to try and produce the best crop ever.

I worked hard…baked and ground my spare egg shells, doused my plants in Miracle Grow, faithfully pinched off all those troublesome suckers… oh yes, I put in long hard hours to achieve a record breaking tomato for the 2016 season.  We’re talking State Fair contender status, folks.  And after all that hard work, a record breaker it is!

Are you ready for it?


Brace yourself…






In case you can’t quite believe your eyes…




here it is with a bit more perspective



I could not be more proud!

I have grown the first prize worthy Hobbit tomato!  Feast your eyes and enjoy  :))!!!

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