DIY Dollar Store Decor

I so love seasonal decorating.  It’s just an itch I can’t resist scratching, much to my engineer husband’s chagrin.  I don’t know if it’s that old “nesting” instinct or just a creative urge I express through changing the look of the space around me (often).  Either way, it can become an expensive endeavor to constantly be changing up decor when you like to change things up as much as I do.

Having a creative bent is helpful for people like me, it’s a great outlet and money saver when it’s used to create practical items you’d otherwise buy.  I guess I would call this a Sanity Saver, too, because I get what I want – a new, versatile decoration – and my Honey gets to see me NOT spend a bunch of money to get it!

I get lots of ideas from others who have shared theirs, so I’d like to share one of mine in hopes of inspiring you. This has become one of my favorite table-top decor pieces for a few reasons: it’s a bit rustic which I love, it uses natural elements, and it can be changed up for different seasons.  You can find the items needed at the Dollar store (Dollar Tree, in my area) and a container that you already own or can easily find at a local thrift store. The demo assembly here can be used for any season and I’ll tell you how to change it up for a summer/beachy theme as well.

Here’s what you need:


  • A shallow decorative container – I prefer wood, but porcelain or galvanized metal would also work nicely
  • Small river pebbles found at Dollar Tree
  • Faux moss-covered rocks found at Dollar Tree
  • Glass candle votives found at Dollar Tree

1. Place pebbles in the decorative container to about 1/4-1/3 full and spread evenly.IMG_20160606_173042496

2. Place the candles evenly among the pebbles, nestling them down into the rocks.IMG_20160606_173127947

3. Place the moss in the spaces between the candles and at either end.

And voila! Instant, inexpensive and attractive table topper!

For a quick-change for summer, and as a way to use some of your beach trip treasures, replace the pebbles with which rocks (also available at Dollar Tree) or beach white beach pebbles.  I was looking for a way to use the cool white stones we collected at Topsail Beach in North Carolina – they are transparent when wet and look very much like sea glass. And, I didn’t have the glass votives on hand, so I used tea lights but the glass candles are much prettier to use.






Place your candles just as you did above, and instead of moss place small shells, star fish, coral, whatever sea side treasures you find.  And yes, Dollar Tree does sell these items in their craft aisle as well (shells might be limited to summer, though).

Happy Creating!

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